10 Mistakes that people make in FB Marketing

Facebook is the most used by the younger generation but these figures are still growing so as the count of brands targeting over social media is also growing. Facebook being unknown went to approx 2 billion users over a decade, which makes the brand certain about its target audience.

Here are 10 Mistakes that people make in FB Marketing-

  1. Skipping the Goal Setting- As small and as irrelevant this step seems it is one of the most important steps before you start any digital marketing activity. It is not important to write it down neither a time-consuming process but one cannot skip making it crisp, focused and most importantly, realistic.
  2. Incomplete Information about your brand – Your brand FB page is the face of your brand and having incomplete information on the page about the brand will not attract your target audience, but on the other hand, can make them suspicious about you because no audience wants to feel like left alone in the middle of the road.
  3. Not targeting relevant audience with the relevant communication – As the Facebook audience is growing day by day so brands sometimes while running a campaign brand tends to have an audience + offer mismatch. As they should be clear that – “what type of audience you are targeting?” and “What type of offer they need?
  4. Using of Wrong Ad type – Facebook ad types are many related to all your goals, but here many brands do fall back when they select the wrong ad type in the wrong circumstances. So knowing which ad type will best suit your ad is a must for your FB Marketing whether a single image or a video or carousel or slideshow etc.
  5. Out of context post –  FB audience is content-oriented and if your post is relevant to your brand context, then it will increase their engagement, but if your post is out of context then you will see your audience go away. As brands sometimes fail to align their posts with the brand and that confuses the audience. 
  6. Forgetting to use Facebook pixel –  To track all your social media flows and conversions as well as traffic directed to your brand’s website and interactions with your ads brands should not forget the use of Facebook Pixel. 
  7. Not utilizing videos rather too long posts – As the video posts have a high engagement rate and shares, but sometimes brands only focus over posting words which make their posts too long to read and but not utilizing videos which decrease the audience engaged. As your TG will find your brand-related video more relevant rather reading too long posts. So the longer the post is, low will be the conversion rate, engagement, and shares, whereas the interesting video is higher, will be the engagement rate and conversion rate.
  8. Avoiding Conversations with customers and just selling them – Brands usually avoid having a conversation with their online customers which will increase unfaithfulness towards the brand, hence, a negative image, therefore, answer each comment, and posts created on the page, whereas, brands must engage themselves in making a conversation so the target audience gets engaged and from that leads are often generated rather simply focusing over commercialism. Nowadays, your target audience is aware of what they’re being sold something.
  9. Ignoring negative feedback and comments – Brands generally delete or ignore negative comments or feedback which in turn decreases the soundness of a good FB marketing, whereas they should find out the reason for it and should respond to that negative comment or feedback which in turn will increase their social presence on FB.
  10. Not testing Landing Pages – It’s good to have a landing page on your social media posts and ad campaigns, but you should have a test of landing page I.e., whether it is directing you on that or not. Brands usually ignore the testing of landing pages which in turn decreases the conversion and engagement of the audience.

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