Creative Content on Rise: Solve it with Branded Content

Branded content has proved to be one of the most effective tools of advertising in the past couple of decades. And that’s typical because this format of advertising engages its audience through stories. Branded content may range from podcasts to short films and right up to creatively written articles and poems. It establishes a foundation of a strong and effective long-term relationship between the consumer and the brand being advertised. Relatability to the content is one of the most important factors here.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen umpteen number of international brands succeed at generating a deep brand association with its audience globally. Needless to say, they are Google, Amazon, Volkswagen, etc. but times have changed drastically for the world at large and a surge in the digitization of businesses has changed how the millennial generation spreads its time over various media. This generation spends post part of its day on cell phones, so it is of utmost importance to customize the content for quick and easy consumption.

This has posed new and exciting challenges for today’s marketers. Not only do the brands gain more exposure through branded content but they also get an opportunity to unravel more amusing ways of communicating and connecting with their TGs.

For example, Gatorade reviewed its campaign Win from Within, in 2012. They released a series of ads featuring Serena Williams, Abby Wambach and a lesser known inspiration, Jaide Bucher who was a 15-year-old softball player, born with one hand. As a brand, Gatorade created inspiring and non-pushy series of content that depicted its belief in succeeding through hard work.

Another classic example is of ‘The Lego Movie’. A 90 – minute branded content that was entertaining and heartwarming for their younger audience while being a trip of nostalgia and memories for its adult audience. This Danish toy production company hit across all age groups and genders with a helluva masterstroke with ‘The Lego Movie’.

Some companies have taken it further ahead by not only creating valuable content but in-fact creating a new brand property of branded content. CNBC along with Synchrony Financial launched ‘State of Pay’ a platform that showcased videos on payments, commerce, and technology for innovators and growth hackers in the industry.

It has been made evident through researches in the US, that the number of people being made aware about several products through branded content is about 69 percent and the amount of people showing the intent to buy has increased to 51 percent.

In 2016, Nielsen Company came up with the stats that showed 86% brand recall for branded content as compared to 65% of brand recall for regular ads.

Marketing Mavricks

Branded content takes the TG away from advertising and direct communications of the brand values and benefits yet, on the contrary, have a much higher preference over regular and pre-roll ads. Internationally, the percentage of people watching television has considerably reduced due to the rise in use of cell phones. People never like watching pre-roll ads on their phones. The future of pre-roll ads could be questioned in such a scenario.

So, it is time for brands to find the answers to their biggest challenges in branded content and explore with this creative form of advertising to break through with their TG’s mind space and attention.


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